PhD & Undergraduate

Some activities carried out during my PhD and undergraduate course:
During the fourth and last year of my PhD I have presented a poster (about Ref.s [3] and [4], see the list of publications) in three conferences: at the 8th Italian Quantum Information Science Conference, at the School in Computational Condensed Matter Physics and at the Okinawa School in Physics: Coherent Quantum Dynamics.
I have attended the conference Many-body dynamics out of equilibrium at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden; there, I presented a poster about my paper [3].

During the third year of my PhD I attended three conferences on the topic of Localization (1, 2) and Quantum Matter Dynamics. I also attended a conference on Non equilibrium Dynamics in Trieste.

During the second year of my PhD I took part to the 38th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO38) and to the Beg Rohu Summer School 2013.

During the first year of my PhD I have attended all the courses of my sector and I have taken the final exams of the following courses:
Quantum statistical physics and field theory
(by G. Mussardo),
Integrable field theories and critical phenomena (by G. Delfino),
Introduction to probability and stochastic processes (by M. Marsili),
Statistical physics of cold atoms
(by A. Trombettoni),
Random matrices (by V. Kravtsov),
Spin glasses
(by M. Muller),
Numerical methods and Montecarlo (by S. Pilati),
Topics in classical and quantum computing
(by A. Scardicchio).

The work for my B.Sc. has been published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics; it was done with the group of NNL (National Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Lecce. This is mainly an experimental work.
There is a paper titled Excess Noise in Thin Films of Polyacenes, which contains some results of my M.Sc. thesis and is published in the Proceedings of the International Workshop All the Colors of Noise, Lecce.

Some exams and talks given during my PhD course:
Parallelization of a Transport Problem (exercise solution, ICTP HPC School).
Group Meeting: progress report.
Group Meeting: progress report and Journal Club on articles by Shepelyansky, Dufour et al, and Flach et al.
Interacting extension of the Aubry-André model (Journal Club)
Many body localization and quasidisordered systems
(qualifying seminar).

Anyons and topological quantum computation (final exam of Quantum statistical physics and field theory).
The Potts model (final exam of Integrable field theories): part 1, part 2.
Topological quantum computation (final exam of Classical and quantum computing).
Montecarlo simulation of 2D Ising model (short project, final exam of Numerical methods and montecarlo).
Renormalization group and the 3D XY model (final exam of Cold atoms).
Simulation of large deviations (final exam of Introduction to probability).
The logistic map (training seminar).